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Monday, 1-May-2006 06:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sad day to say goodbye....

View from the beach cafe
Elvis wannabe lost in Bali
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On the final stretch..we checked out for the last time..went to a famous beach cafe..where all the the waitress were very friendly and knows almost all the tourist...very cozy and comfortable..
Then we went for our 2nd spa called Baliwis Spa. Not bad..I still couldn't get the idea of rejuvenating with massages..I'm still stressed out..still feeling tired..this spa thingy is so over exaggerated.
Finally, we had our drinks in Ritz 1000 per night...
Then say bye bye..we're coming back here again..with a container...huge ones

Monday, 1-May-2006 06:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Snorkelling to Diving

We kad breakfast on the balcony
Black coffee..this is life
A beach somewhere in Bali..hehe
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We're suppose to go for snorkelling but after looking at the facts..I can't life jacket..i convince wifey to go for diving. This is one of those in-promptu decision we usually it..we're going diving..even though i have never tried it was worth was so beautiful..the tranquility...just me and the fishes..the sound of my own is so peaceful..
The jet ski thingy was ok la...
Later we went to another temple more

Monday, 1-May-2006 05:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I thought i wanna try this..US49 bucks
But..after looking at it...i chickened out
Posing lagi..
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This was on the 5th day...we're already checked in Nagasari...went out to visit Kintamani again..since the 1st attempt we failed..due to heavy fog in the area..what's the use of sight seeing if you can't see nuts..

Henry is a seasoned tourist he went on and on about the temples history..the legends behind each story..but i've got P8 in History..dun expect me to remember all the facts here..all temples looks the same for me.

At Kuta of the most famous beaches here..surfers wanna be and beach bum hangs around.

Monday, 1-May-2006 05:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Oooo dolphin..where art thou

This is a prominent statue..but dun ask me what?
I'm on vacation..but woke up 6am..
The oldman and the sea
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We checked in Lovina..the northern part of Bali to go dolphin tour...And...the conclusion was..i'd better off to watch it in National Geographic Channel...way much better..with no side effect...sea sickness!!

Then went on to Tanah Lot...more temples by the seaside...That's why Westerners call it " The Island of Thousand Temples". We bought alot of t-shirts here.

Monday, 1-May-2006 04:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Barongan dance and temples

The lion
The monkey
The..i forgotten the story already
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So after the long day of confinement and boredom...we checked out and went to watch some cultural show...the Barongan Dance. I felt a bit cultured as I myself have never been to this kind of shows...

Then we went shopping..wifey so "teruja" as she's been waiting for this event since day 1..She went crazy and bought couple of paintings as can be seen in the blog...

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